NEFT transfer amount not reflected in my app balance after 12 hours

I did NEFT of 50k, but the amount is not reflecting in the niyo global app, its been more than 12 hours now I called my source bank the amount was successfully transferred but till now i can not see anything in my niyo account.
My ticket number is -1419801 i got reply on this to wait for 48 hours they will refund if the transaction is successful why will they refund it it should reflect in my niyo account !!!

I also initiated a NEFT transaction of 25k, but the amount hasn’t been reflected in Niyo’s balance. Please do let me know if you receive a resolution for this.

Hello @vaibhavrwt! We regret the inconvenience caused. We believe that the funds are credited to the Source account. Please reach out to our Live chat support by navigating through the Menu->Support section in the Niyo SBM app if we can ever assist in the future. -WB

Hello @Rahul_N! This is not the experience we want you to have with us. We request you to wait for 48 Hours. The funds should either get credited to your account or should be refunded to the source account. For further assistance kindly reach out to our Live chat support by navigating through the Menu->Support section in the Niyo SBM app. We’re here to help! -WB

Yes, @Priyatham_Kotha. I think there is something wrong with Niyo’s servers. I initiated a NEFT transaction on Sept 3, 2022. And still, the amount has not been reflected in my Niyo account.

The amount is not yet reflected in my source HDFC accounts or my niyo balance, i don’t know what to do now i wanted to further make payment with that amount from my niyo card and now i am stuck i can not use my own money and i dont know where is that !!!

Same happened with me i did NEFT of 50 K from HDFC on 2 sep but didn’t received any refund and not even credited in niyo account .

Hello @vaibhavrwt! As per the update we received, funds were not credited to Niyo Global By SBM account. You are advised to check with the remitter bank. -WB

I have already checked with remitter bank they have told me the money is sent successfully i have a receipt for that, and for your kind information they do pick my calls on time reply me with genuine information. First you said 48 hrs now you are asking me to ask my bank stop running away and solve the problem, i was mad that i trusted niyo banks i will pay markup fee with debit card but not going to use your app again.