My Account blocked with no reson. Horrible experience

I had transfered all my funds in niyo account as it was working well for few days. After they got huge amount transferred they blocked my account with no reason. I was stuck in Dubai with very limited money in hands. This was a very horrible experience. Luckily i had paid for my hotel in advance otherwise i had to sleep on the streets. I some how manage to come to airports with only 30-40 dhiram left. Since one week i am asking them the status only one reply we r working on it. No answer on why my account is on hold. Never trust them and transfer huge amount. I still doubt this is genuine bank.

Hi Mr Viren,

Good to see You, the CTO of Niyo on the blog. Sir please first stream line your banking process as you can see multiple people complaining about account being blocked for no reason.

Just imagine you are in another country and have all money in a bank account which you cannot use by any means. Card swipe, atm withdraw or transfer to other accounts nothing. You are at unknown place with all strangers were you cannot even borrow money.

You will never understand what have I been through and how i managed to come to airport. Every day i had to calculate and manage food other expenses so I have 150 dhiram left for taxi on the last day.

My account is still blocked and I have all my savings stuck in SBM account I will be very thankful if you can help me in this matter.

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Same here I also had 3.5 lakhs in their accout and they just say account is on hold / blocked with no reason. It has been a week for me. I some how managed to come back to india. Other wise i could have stuck in Dubai.

Hey @Aamir.aaisha1! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Regret the inconvenience :frowning: This is not the experience we wanted our users to have. We kindly request you retry a transaction with any merchant and let us know if the issue persists. Rest assured, we’ll have that checked at the earliest.


I felt that , they are doing funding your/our money for few days :joy: