We want your opinion💭: How would you like to invest your spare change on NiyoX?🤔

More than 1.2 Lac NiyoX users love our ‘Invest the Change’ feature! They love being able to save and invest effortlessly while spending guilt-free with NiyoX.

‘Invest the Change’ allows you to round up all your spends (food order, cab fares, subscriptions, fund transfers etc.) made with your NiyoX account to the next 10, 50, or 100 and save the spare change. All debits in your savings account count as spends - these include your transactions made in-person at a store, online, via UPI, or even via fund transfers. The spare change that gets collected each time you spend, keeps accumulating and when it crosses ₹100, it gets auto-invested in a pre-selected mutual fund of your choice.

Know more about ITC here.

But we need your help in making ‘Invest the Change’ bigger and better! Spare 30 seconds and answer this question for us?

Other than being able to invest in Mutual Funds, how else would you like to invest your spare change via ‘Invest the Change’ on NiyoX?
  • Fixed Deposits (FD)
  • Digital Gold
  • Stocks
  • Crypto Assets
  • Mutual Funds Sahi Hai!
  • Others (Please comment below)

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