Low conversion rate

Why i get less rate than it’s showing on Google
I atttach some screenshots

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Hey @Itsm3only! Welcome to Niyo Community! :slightly_smiling_face:

The conversion rates followed in Niyo are that of “Live VISA Exchange rates” while the ones shown in Google are “wholesale exchange rates”. This is the reason why you may have noticed the difference in the values.

"What are wholesale or interbank exchange rates?

What exactly are the rates shown on XE or Google? The rates provided in XE’s free information services are mid-market rates from global currency markets. Likewise, the data for Google’s currency converter is provided by Morningstar, a US-based global provider of financial data. The company aggregates real-time data from worldwide sources, covering major trading venues.

These rates are known as wholesale exchange rates. Wholesale exchange rates are the rates used by banks, governments, investment funds, and large corporates to exchange currencies with one another. You may also have come across the term interbank exchange rates, which narrows the participants to banks."

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