Currency conversion

Hello. I want to know that I am visiting Vietnam, so what will be the better option in case of currency conversion.
Should i convert my money here in india?
Or should i use my niyo global card to withdraw money from atm in Vietnam.

In which case I will get better conversion rates ?

Please suggest.

Thank you

Hi @Devamitra1, welcome to our community! Niyo applies the VISA exchange rate. The VISA exchange rate is the forex rate charged by the VISA treasury. This is very close to IBRs (inter-bank rates), or the rate at which banks exchange currency with one another. This is widely known as the lowest possible exchange rate. You can load this card in INR, and use it at any VISA-accepting merchant in the world, including in India. No matter where you use your Niyo Global by SBM card, there will be zero markup charges at all times. For any further assistance kindly write to us at our team will be happy to assist you better.

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@Devamitra1 did u use the card in Vietnam?