International lounge access

Hi @nimish_bhatnagar,
We are working on it, we shall inform you once its live.
Your forbearance is highly appreciated.


Does the app send an OTP while atm withdrawals or card payments?

Hey @Sneha_Banerjee ! Welcome to Niyo Community! You receive transaction based OTPs only for ECOM transactions. For ATM and POS transactions, no OTP is required, however debit card PIN is needed inorder to complete the transaction.

@Bansari is there any update on international lounge access using SBC Niyo Global card?

Hi @Antra_Tripathi ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

We are still working around the same, watch out this place for further updates.



The card was denied access to Lounge facility at the Cochin International Airport. Is the lounge access program active in India?

Hey @rinshadk ! Welcome to Niyo community. We’re happy to have the onboard :airplane:. I’d like to inform you that airport lounge access is not yet activated. We wish to active the same shortly. Stay noted that lounge access can only be availed at Indian airports in domestic and international terminals.

Have a safe flight,

The card was denied for transactions at Qatar and the UK. Is any of your service active?

I’m going to use the card in UK. Can you please confirm again if its working or not now?

It worked on a couple of UK websites. I haven’t tried it at a retail store after.

Just to be safe, carry some cash as well.