Improvement of some things in the UI of NiyoX

Hello Team Niyo,
I have been using Niyo account for more than a month now, and my experience was fabulous. While using the app I thought of some improvements that caught my attention in some other similar products.
These are as follows -

  1. Instead of using OTP mechanism for card details reveal you can put a UPIN, as sometimes SIM card goes completely off and the user is over Wi-fi and he’s unable to get through this.
    Another reason like myself some others are also living in foreign countries for their work, education and more, so these people would find it hectic to access their card details and other OTP based features.

  2. Try to get an inbuilt UPI of our own, that will definitely turn more beneficial to many of us.

For now I have these two suggestions, if I find anything I reach to you at that same instant.
Thanks for hearing me out. :metal:t2::blush:

Hey @Yashie ! Thank you for taking time and providing us with such detailed feedback. We just loved reading it.

(1/2) I have forwarded this to the concerned team.

(2/2) Built in UPI for NiyoX is a work-in-progress and should be launched in the upcoming months.

It’s only because of users like you we’re able to deliver the best :rocket: ! Meanwhile, sit back and watch how your inputs get reflected in the app. :sunglasses: