Request to create a "Niyo Pay" UPI app

Hi there. It would be really appreciated if you could create an in-house UPI app to send money via IMPS by scanning QR codes and UPI IDs. It is suggested because there are products like NiyoX and Niyo IDFC. That will also keep the the Niyo community in Niyo ecosystem. Please take this suggestion into consideration. Looking through the history, looks like you guys can create excellent apps. Creating another useful app wouldn’t hurt much.

How about adding upi functionality to niyox app itself?

Yep, that’s also good… but these guys have 2-3 products in partnership with banks. So, I’d recommend a dedicated UPI app. Or else, this idea is also good, i.e to have the UPI app in NiyoX app itself. Well, that’ll only be useful for NiyoX customers though.

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We are constantly working to ensure that we can offer you the best experience there is to offer. We really appreciate you taking the time and sharing your views with us. LK

@jainashrith @vaibhav376
Thanks for the great ideas.

UPI functionality within NiyoX App is work in progress, and we will come out with the feature soon. We will see how to ensure that non NiyoX customers also benefit from it, it is an excellent point.

A separate Niyo UPI App, which can be used by anyone is also an interesting consideration. What feature would you want in it which can make it different from existing UPI Apps.



Firstly, we want to have an ad free UPI app. Unlike PhonePe, GPay, Paytm and many other UPI apps which features advertisements, promotions and other stuff. We want a clean minimalistic UPI app which will allow us to pay using IMPS via. QR code and UPI IDs. Just the only interference we want. We also don’t want any reward system in the app, or spin the wheel or scratch the code to get coupon and all that BS.
What we do want is to have Bharat Bill Payment Services within the dedicated UPI app. And a feature to book trains, book flights, pay credit card bills, pay postpaid bills, book Gas Cylinders and such concepts.
Thank you for considering the idea.



@Mrigank Considering the current flow for investments payment, user is presented with razorpay screen, where you can choose from different UPI apps to complete payment and after selection, third party app can have list of accounts that user has already linked.
User can choose from any bank account to pay from.
And funny thing is niyox does not allow payments from other bank accounts (its nowhere mentioned and is not restricted in any way.
After two failed transactions i raised issue with niyox and got to know of this limitation that you only have to use “equitas bank account” to complete the payment for mutual funds)

If UPI is added to niyox, all this can be avoided and it will be streamlined user experience. (For single investement i got email and SMS alerts from PhonePe, equitas bank and niyox.) If you want to call your selves neobank, i would just expect two alerts, one money is deducted and two investment is successful.

@vaibhav376 :

As per the regulation, investments through a third party account are not allowed. For eg. you cannot invest under your PAN name using your parent’s bank account. Therefore we first verify the bank account that you register for investments (in this case Equitas bank account) and allow you to make the investments only through the same account. Razorpay will reject any transactions that are not made through your registered bank account.

We do mention this information on the payment review page when you select any payment mode eg. UPI.

Having said that, we are already working on providing for you a direct mechanism to make payment for your mutual funds investments from within the NiyoX app, without any need to go through any UPI app or Netbanking interface. Once this is rolled out you’ll get only two communications about successful debit and investment.


UPI functionality within NiyoX App is a work in progress, and we will be ensuring that it would give a great user experience to our customers. Features such as booking gas cylinders, paying postpaid bills, etc are already on our road map and we will come out with these features soon.


Thanks for the reply. Hope to see the features soon!