How do I scan & pay using Niyo Global app?

Currently, I can use it online and for ATM withdrawl and swipe and tap and pay.
What about scanning a QR code and pay to someone else’s account?
Is it possible to link it with Google pay and then scan the QR code to pay through the SBM niyo global account?

Hey @rohit_bansal! Yes, you can link your account to UPI apps like Google Pay, and Phone Pe and make UPI transactions.

Thanks @Deepak
Will these UPI apps be supported internationally like in Singapore and Dubai too?

Hey @rohit_bansal! No, the UPI transactions are not for international transactions. It’s for domestic transactions.

Any timeline to get it updated for international transactions too? @Deepak

Hey @rohit_bansal! We do not have an update on this. If we have any in the future, we’ll post them on our social media handles.