How are students studying abroad eligible for niyo global card?

How can students who go abroad for education continue to use Niyo Global card?
Since Niyo doesn’t support NRO accounts yet.

By FEMA regulations, such students are considered NRIs the moment they move abroad ( there’s no duration of stay mentioned by RBI but since the intent is to stay abroad for a longer duration i.e. duration of study that’s what matters.)

Could someone clarify?

Niyo has many pages on its website dedicated to now it’s good for international students. How does this not violate FEMA?

I would be heading abroad in the next months for work commitments. I thought I have to close all Niyo global accounts before I go out. How are students allowed to keep it?

Hi @Denson_George, welcome to our community! Please note that there shouldn’t be any issues in using this account as long as your status doesn’t change from an Indian to an NRI. Once it does as well, you can continue to use the account by submitting relevant documents to the bank directly and converting your account to an NRI account. Hope this info helps!

Kindly advise the procedure to convert the Niyo Global account to an NRI account.

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Hey @Jan! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently, we do not have the facility to convert the Niyo Global account to an NRI account.

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