Has anyone successfully accessed airport lounge using niyo sbm card?

Has anyone successfully accessed airport lounge using niyo sbm card?

Unfortunately, the lounge at airports I visited recently are not the part of visa lounge access program. So couldn’t try.

I see… have you heard anyone using it in the visa lounges without any hiccups? I’ll be travelling so would like to confirm this than being embarassed out there .

Hey @Tousif27 ! You may refer here for the list of partnered lounges: #FeatureUpdate > Airport Lounge Access ✈️

P.S: My friend recently availed lounge access via Niyo SBM card.

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I have used it in Kolkata International Airport Lounge 2 days ago and I can confirm it works.


Hey @NarutoKun ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. Thanks for confirming the same!

Stay tuned for many more amazing features…

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I have used the airport lounge access at cochin earth longue and i can confirm that it works perfectly fine!!. They will charge INR 2 for unlimited food and beverages.



Today I used my SBM Nio card at Loyalty lounge @ T2 international at Mumbai. Charged me Rs. 2. After security check, immigration, and duty free, turn right. I was not sure, but yes it worked well. Go to lift then 3rd floor. Food is not that good, some snacks and a good variety for munching, unlimited drinks (booz and non-booz both), only kingfisher draught in beer and hard high end is Teachers and 5-6 more brands (self service for liquor but not for beer). But it was a great experience. Thanks Niyo Global team for getting this sorted. Loved it. :heart_eyes: :heart:

anyone confirm me, is it work in Bhubaneswar lounge Odisha ie. Bird Lounge

is it worked for all int. and domestic in kolkata?