Funds tranfer issue

Its been almost 15 days i am unable to tranfer funds, is this a customer service from Niyo. Other banks are far better. Ticket id 1420354. I have tried readding the beneficiary and reinstalling the app no use, kindly look into the asap :cry: :sob: :pensive:.

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Can i have ur mail id or else mail me li***********, nandhu here.

Shall we all file a petition on SBM or shall we complaint to RBI?

Hey @Vayunandana! Inconvenience regretted! On your behalf, our team is constantly following up with the bank to help you with your concern. We kindly request you to allow us some more time, and we’ll try to help you with this.

Also, we’ve masked your email id as your privacy matters. We request you not share your details on public forums.


May i know the status, why only this bank taking this much time. My account is frozen without my knowledge kindly do the needful, need amount for medical :cry: :sob:. Bad service from niyo i didn’t expect.

Hello @Vayunandana! As per the update we recieved, We will not be able to re-activate your account on the basis of our internal policy. You are advised to reach out to the SBM bank at 1800-1033-817 or email at -WB

How come you people can freeze customer account without his/her knowledge. Is this is the way of banking service. Such a filthy service i never expected from any bank like you in my life.

Only viewing my message not replying, such a fraid guys you are, shame on you people playing with people money and emotions.

Hey @Vayunandana! We are sorry to inform you that we may not reactivate your account. For further help on unfreezing your account, you are requested to contact the bank at 1800-1033-817 or email them at


Dear Niyo,

As per confirmation from Chennai SBM bank, how come you have sent mail to freeze my account without my knowledge or concern. If you sent mail to freeze, you should also sent mail to unfreeze, what’s happening with you people.

Vayunandana Rao

Debit freeze on the account will be imposed if any irregular transaction patterns are observed which is not in line with your profile updated while opening your account like high ATM withdrawals, receiving high funds from multiple accounts or some other compliance-related issues. For further help on this, it is advised to contact the bank.


Such a waste bank, ICICI and axis bank are much better they will call customer before freezing. Such a waste bank.

Hey @Vayunandana! We’d like to inform you that your account has been unfrozen now. You should be able to make transactions. I’ve sent you a direct message for the same.

Our sincere apologies for the experience you had. We take this as feedback and cascade it to our teams to improve our services and deliver a better user experience. It would be great if you give us a chance to serve you better in the future.