Expire niyo equitas reward

Niyo equitas not working.Dont show notification also.

Hi @Abhishek_Sharma ,

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Could you please elaborate the issue in detail?


I don’t have any mail regarding niyo scratch card and niyo reward option is hidden so I not scratch my niyo reward.Please help it

Niyo scratch card not open.No notification regarding niyo. please reissue my those new niyo scratch card.Niyo reward option is hidden.

Hello @Abhishek_Sharma
Which rewards are you talking about? For the equitas rewards, please check the netbanking. You would have to register on the portal.
For the scratch cards, there is a notification. Please check if you have enabled notifications for the app niyox.
I don’t think there is a direct way to check the scratch cards. Click on the refer and earn banner and then on the next page, move to the rewards section. You should be able to see the scratch cards.