Dubai Health and Safety Tips: Your Guide to a Worry-Free Vacation 🏥

Dubai is a dream for many with its tall buildings and fancy hotels, but to have real fun, you’ve got to stay healthy and safe. Forget about being an adventurer for a minute - let’s talk straight facts!


  • Hospitals & Clinics: Dubai has top-notch medical facilities like Dubai Hospital and Mediclinic City Hospital. Emergency rooms are well-equipped, and English is spoken.

Image of Dubai Hospital
Dubai Hospital

  • Pharmacies: No need to worry about finding meds! Pharmacies are everywhere, offering over-the-counter stuff and prescription refills. Just bring those scripts!

  • Travel Insurance: Play it safe and get travel insurance with good medical coverage. It’s peace of mind in case you get sick or have an accident. ️

Emergency Services:

  • Dial 999: This is your one-stop shop for ambulances, police, and fire! Operators speak English and can help in various languages. Remember it!

  • Hospitals: Major hospitals have 24/7 emergency departments. Don’t hesitate to head there if needed.

  • Police Stations: Feeling unsafe? Police stations are scattered around the city, ready to assist. ‍♀️

Local Rules:

  • Dress Code: Keep it covered! Avoid revealing clothes, especially in religious or government buildings. Shoulders and knees should be hidden.

Image of appropriate attire in Dubai
appropriate attire in Dubai

  • Public Displays of Affection: PDA is a no-no! Keep the kissing and cuddling for private moments.

  • Drugs & Alcohol: Strict laws against drugs exist. Even small amounts can land you in big trouble! Alcohol is legal for non-Muslims over 21 in licensed places, but don’t get too rowdy.

  • Sun Safety: Dubai’s sun is no joke! Sunscreen (SPF 30+), protective clothes, and shade during peak hours (10 am to 4 pm) are your best friends. :sunny:

Food & Safety:

  • Restaurants: Stick to reputable places with good hygiene. Fancy joints are usually a safe bet. ️

  • Street Food: While tempting, be cautious, especially in summer. Not all carts are created equal!

  • Water: Stick to bottled water. Tap water might not be your friend.

Bonus Tips:

  • Emergency Apps: Download the Dubai Police app and others for quick help.

  • Basic Arabic: Learning a few phrases can go a long way! ️

  • Stay Informed: Check the weather and any local advisories before you go.


  • Vaccination: Talk to your doctor about recommended vaccinations for Dubai.

  • Travel Adapter: Pack one to ensure your electronics don’t get frustrated.

By following these tips and being mindful of your surroundings, you’ll have a healthy and safe adventure in Dubai! So, pack your bags, embrace the fun, and enjoy your trip!


This is general advice, not medical! Always consult your doctor before traveling, especially if you have health concerns. 🩺

Have a fantastic and safe time in Dubai! :airplane:

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Here are some additional tips for our community travelers, @Cynthia:

"Best to be safe is travel / health insurance is a must.
Eat in limits
Be hydrated
Eat in safe places.
If you can stomach the other kind of food in Dubai then go for it. Or else be safe.
If you are visiting Dubai carry your medicines with a prescription in your handbag. Because those medicines could be checked by authorities.
Please check if you also carry some medicines inside the country and many are banned."

Tips from @aky.mtl:

"If you buy a phone from Dubai. Open it in store and check everything. Even if you are buying for someone else. Tell them you will verify the authenticity of the device and the box they will receive will be opened.

And you are advised to not forget this as a rule. If you think you might forget, get it tattooed. I have been at loss. Saying from personal experience"

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