Does Niyo Global Card work in China?

I want to take Niyo global card as my go to card abroad but want to know if it actually works everywhere in China mainland. Because as you know China is pretty restricted country in general.

Will it work on POS machines, in university, ATMs, etc.

Hello @amayankk! Welcome to Niyo Community.

We appreciate your interest in Niyo Global By SBM Account. :blush:

Please be informed that, Niyo Global by SBM card works in over 150 countries. You can use this card in China as well.

You can load this card in INR, and use it at any VISA-accepting merchant in the world, including in India. No matter where you use your Niyo Global by SBM card, there will be zero markup charges at all times. :star_struck: -WB

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