Do I need to spend money to get international lounge access, or international lounge access is completely free without spending any money

Please provide information about following things, because It is so unclear and so much misguidance and misleading content.

  1. does availing free international airport lounge access per quarter require spending minimum amount, or it is provided absolutely free without spending any money (excluding 2 rupees transaction for validating card)?

  2. If I want to access free international airport lounge access, then which card should I take? on one page, it is mentioned that you need to have credit card as well as debit card.

  3. Please provide clear guidelines and information without misleading.

Thank you.

Hey @parth_wagh,

Thank you for reaching out!

Regarding your inquiry about availing of free international airport lounge access per quarter, with Niyo, you can access lounges at international terminals within India, covering major airports. Importantly, there’s no minimum spending requirement. You simply receive a lounge pass within the Niyo app, and there’s no need for any card validation process.

Previously, Niyo offered international lounge access abroad for around 4 months, subject to specific criteria. This benefit applied to all Niyo cards, including both debit and credit cards. You can find more information about this offer in this link: Free International Lounge Access with Niyo Global Cards!✈️. However, please note that this offer is no longer valid.

I hope this clears up any confusion you had. Let me know if you need any further assistance!

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