Create colourful pages with lot of information to decode banking

Please bring dark/ Grey mode which is readable under low light and also make the user interface cleaner and provide multi colour descriptions so that all the information look colourful transparent and attractive to read when one starts reading… Decorate the articles in multicolours in niyo money page also… The graph chart data should be improved like 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month etc… like this

Hi @SATADIP_ROY thank you for the time you have taken to share your feedback. We’ll definitely work on it and see how better we can make the changes and improve our product for a better user experience.

Stay safe!

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Wlcm…u need to think over it because presentation of any article matters a lot for a novice user only then he will find it more interesting comparing to other mutual fund or bank platforms :relaxed:

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