Complimentary Railway Lounge

There are some Credit Cards for Complimentary Railway Lounge Access :station:

  1. Idfc (all credit cards)
  2. Au bank (all credit cards)
  3. Icici bank ( mmt platinum and signature, icici coral, icici rubyx)
  4. Sbi ( irctc platinum and premier)
  5. BoB (irctc credit card)

Railway Lounge :station:

  1. New Delhi
  2. Jaipur
  3. Varanasi
  4. Agra
  5. Kolkata (sealdah)
  6. Ahmedabad
  7. Madurai

As NIYO global SBM is working on credit card So I request you to look in this opportunity to add Complimentary Railway Lounge in their credit card to acquire and target New customers .

as it’s limited niche Niyo Global can play the game …

Thank you .
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@Viren Sir Please try to grab the opportunity

Also provide facility to change/update registered mobile number and email id

Hey @Md_Hamid

Thank you for the valuable time to taken to share your suggestion. We’ve made note of the request for our future endeavors.

Ranjith M

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