Change of primary email ID for my account

Hi Team - I want to change my current primary email address to a different one as my current email ID is not accessible because of some technical reasons. Could you please suggest how can I do that?

Hey Amit! That shouldn’t be a problem. You can get connected with Equitas Small Finance Bank directly to get the same updated. LK


Thank you @Lucky. I appreciate your quick response.


Where to contact for change of email address?

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Hey Ami. You can change the primary email address by following these steps:-

  1. Login to EquitasConsumerApp

  2. Head over to “Service Requests”

  3. Go to “Assisted Services”

  4. Click on “Update Email ID”

Now you good to change the email address by using your debit card as a medium of authorisation or you can also use other documents (Pan Card, Aadhaar Card) if you still haven’t received your debit card.

Hope this answer as helped you, if you want further assistance, kindly wait, a Niyo representative will assist you further.


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There are No option to update email address with pan card or aadhaar card
I am getting error “no debit card mapped to the Acc hence not able to validate”!

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Ok. In that case, a debit card is still not generated for your account as you might have just completed the Full KYC recently. Kindly wait till a debit card is generated and linked to your account. You may try again to change the email address later. If you’re unhappy with the answer, kindly wait, a Niyo representative will assist you further.

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Ashrith Jain

Hey Ami! Please inbox us your registered number so that we can connect with you for any further assistance. LK