Catch our brand new ad release on Hotstar now! #JustCantWait

A big hello to everyone!

The times are testing, and I hope you all are staying at home and as safe as possible.

We at Niyo have been working hard (from our homes) to bring to you an all-digital banking experience you can cherish from the comfort of your homes without the need of stepping out.

We constantly and predominantly aim for digital innovation - and NiyoX is exactly that! With NiyoX, our mission has been to make banking smarter, safer and simpler, with just a few taps on your mobile. With this product and marketing of this product, we aspire to create a differentiated eXperience for our customers at all touch-points. From the way our app is designed to how our marketing campaign is presented, we only strive for our consumers to have a richer eXperience with Niyo.

Our all new IPL campaign debuts on Hotstar today, catering to a generation that #JustCantWait and wants everything in an instant. The ad is targeted at millennials and GenZ, the kind who are always looking for ‘instant gratification’ and their ‘need for speed’ sets them a class apart from the rest of us. And that’s exactly why we’re asking them to eXperience banking unlike ever before – in just 100 seconds!

With the launch of our #JustCantWait campaign, we’re putting our voice across to the always-curious, always wanting more genZ that loves products that give them instant gratification.

So if you haven’t experienced the brilliance of this product yet, come onboard and get your hands on NiyoX, in just 100 seconds!

Stay Safe


Is it a dig at fi money for wait list? :eyes:

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We don’t take digs @vaibhav376 :sweat_smile:
However, why don’t you go ahead an open a NiyoX account in 100 seconds? :grin: