Cash withdrawal from ATM in Bali

Which ATM will be suitable for cash withdrawals in Bali which has no additional charges using Niyo Global credit card

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You can use most local banks including and not limited to Mandiri, BCA, BNI, BTPN, etc. avoid using the likes of DBS & Maybank (they charge $5 extra- they are for Australian tourists). Keep a couple things in mind though:

  1. For Niyo CC, your FD amount is your maximum limit for withdrawal at a time, so you may need to increase that depending on your use case. Niyo will charge Rs. 300+ GST = 356 or so as ATM withdrawal fee (It’s a fee that Visa puts on Niyo) but it is still way cheaper than other options that I saw.
  2. Depending on the atm, your withdrawal is capped at somewhere between 2-3 MILLION IDR. To minimise withdrawal fee, I recommend you take out the maximum possible amount. There are 2 kind of machines- one gives 50k notes (so limit is half here) and other is 100k- use the second one.
  3. avoid using the Niyo Debit card for withdrawal as they have increased the withdrawal fee to Rs. 499. Feel free to use it for card transactions though as there is no fee there (you have to always select to pay in the local currency- IDR here to take benefit of 0 forex)

Don’t be afraid to use it in supermarkets and such- only 1 supermarket chain requires cash- alfamart, rest of them accept cards (minimum shipping 50k required in some places).
Make sure to carry some food with you when you travel as Indian restaurants can be pricey here- especially if you eat bread (roti) in your regular diet.

Overall I had a splendid time in Bali with this card. Highly recommended!


Thanks for the information, will keep these points in mind.


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