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Schengen Visa Requirement - Guide To Borderless Bliss

The Schengen Area refers to a passport-free zone covering 26 countries where you can visit multiple countries without going through border control. And yes, this includes the Eiffel Tower and Rome’s Colosseum. They were right about Europe – it can never just be about one country. But! You need one essential permit to gain this access – the Schengen Visa.

So what are the Schengen countries?

They range from France to Finland, including Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Iceland, Norway and the Netherlands. Of 26 countries, 22 are a part of the European Union (EU).

Read the Schengen Visa Requirement here.

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Ergonomics has become a crucial aspect of modern life. The way we position our bodies during activities like working, reading, lifting, and even sleeping can have a big impact on our health down the road. By paying attention to ergonomics and maintaining good posture and habits, we can help prevent discomfort and potential health issues in the future. Lets dive deep into this article to understand the importance of ergonomics in our work and daily lives.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become a trending buzzword in the corporate world, gaining importance alongside the advancements in the AI realm, often referred to as the virtual IQ world. It is widely acknowledged that EQ surpasses Intelligence Quotient (IQ) in the long run, impacting both professional and personal lives significantly. Let’s delve into this article to understand the importance of emotional intelligence.

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INDIA, now also referred to as ‘Bharat’ is the 5th largest economy in the world with a GDP of 3 trillion dollars. India is also known for having the largest population in the world and represents a substantial addressable market for companies. India is experiencing significant social and economic changes, driven by factors such as urbanization, technology, and globalization. The shift in consumer habits, particularly among the younger generation, is reshaping the market dynamics in the country.

~By Vedant Kale