Guide To Borderless Bliss: Schengen Visa Requirement

What’s so special about the Schengen Area, you ask?

Well, it might just be one of Europe’s best achievements.

The Schengen Area refers to a passport-free zone covering 26 countries where you can visit multiple countries without going through border control. And yes, this includes the Eiffel Tower and Rome’s Colosseum.

They were right about Europe – it can never just be about one country. But! You need one essential permit to gain this access – the Schengen Visa.

A trip to Europe can be exciting but also overwhelming because there’s so much to explore, given how close the borders are. Coming prepared is the key to a great trip – especially when trying to meet the Schengen visa requirements.

Don’t confuse this visa with being all-inclusive. Only certain countries are included. So what are the Schengen countries?

They range from France to Finland, including Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Iceland, Norway and the Netherlands. Of 26 countries, 22 are a part of the European Union (EU).

In case you are travelling to Europe, read about Schengen Visa here.

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