App screens transitions and loading


NiyoX app uses bottom navigation bar but does not have consistent transition behaviour.
“Investments” section slides in/out while other sections just appear.
Material design pattern suggests to avoid such behaviour. (Check Transitions section in behaviour topic here ).

Also, the loading symbol overlay covers whole screen, hierarchically it should just cover section above bottom navigation bar.

Pull down to refresh shows loading spinner for some time then loading logo on home screen and savings section, while on investments section, it shows just the spinner. Due to lack of consistency across the app, it seems there are separate teams working on each screen without deciding on common app behaviours.

I faced the same issues. Kindly improve the UI.

Hi Vaibhav,

Thanks for taking time out and sharing such detailed feedback. We’ve passed this on to our teams and they’ve acknowledged this. Will keep you posted! :slight_smile:

@Lucky Not sure why this post is moved to KYC related topic. Post does not mention KYC even once.

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