USA to India transfer options and intermediary bank query

Hi! I will receive an international payment (USD) from USA so I was wondering if it would be better to use my local Indian bank (ICICI bank) or Niyo Global to receive it with regards to the Foreign Currency Conversion rate charges and other extra charges or taxes?

Another question is my employer asks for a beneficiary bank as well as intermediary bank to facilitate the transfer. I know that beneficiary is my Niyo global account but what do I put in as the intermediary bank?

Thanks a lot!

Hey @Ronit1! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Niyo SBM accepts funds from an international bank account. There is a defined procedure which needs to be followed in order to receive the funds to the account. To know more about it, you may check our previous post here: Receiving International funds to Niyo SBM accoun - #2 by Deepak And, I believe we do not have an intermediary bank.