Speed up Account activation

I have opened my account this Monday i.e, yesterday verification has completed i have submitted all documents which you required. Still in this app it showing it will take 15days to activate your bank account. Please i request you to speed up my activation process so i can get my card in time and can it with me and fly.

Hey @Bharathkumar_Devara

A warm welcome to our Niyo Community :innocent:

As we checked, your CKYC details are not updated in the records. Therefore, we cannot proceed further with your onboarding right now. We recommend you to check out NiyoX which can be a handy option for your travel as it offers zero forex markup on International transactions.

Ranjith M

Hi sir,

When I can expect that CKYC update

Thanks & Regards

How long it will take to update my KYC details.

Thanks and regards

Hey @Bharathkumar_Devara! Unfortunately, we do not have a tentative timeline for it. We’ll reach out to you upon receiving an update on this from our team. Alternatively, you may try NiyoX which offers a 0 forex markup for international transactions. Here are some Difference between NiyoX and Niyo SBM - #2 by Deepak