Query regarding direct deposit in Jordin dinar and InR


I’m working in jordan. Now I have an account on niyo sbm. So, how niyo sbm help in that way for me. Can I credit my salary direct in sbm account or we need to convert first in inr and then transfer in to abm account.
Please suggest.also, share which way is better for me to transfer in indian account as an option.


Hey @Puneet_Takkar ! We do allow inward remittance. You can provide the below details to your corporate to get your salary credited to your Niyo SBM account and spend via your Niyo Global Visa Signature ‘Tap & Pay’ Debit Card.

To receive international payments, kindly use the following details. You can load funds using an international account through the Swift code STCBINBXNPT. The 8 character Swift code is STCBINBX.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other concerns,


Is there any charges for inward and outward remittance.

Will it bear by transfer party or account holder.

Please share remitance charges SoC document.

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Is the same shift code even for US?