International Deposit into Savings Account Niyo SBM

I am Indian resident and pay tax in India however I work for a company based in Europe. I have few questions:

  1. Can company transfer money in Euro directly to my savings account (Niyo Global by SBM)?

  2. What are the currency conversion charge and other charges if there any?

  3. Are there any limits on money deposit?

Hey @imskr! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Yes, funds can be loaded to your Niyo Global by SBM account using an international account through the swift code STCBINBXNPT. The 8 characters swift code is STCBINBX. Kindly note, we do not have an IBAN number.

  2. If you are using your card/account for making international transactions, all your transactions will be processed based on live Visa Exchange rates. While receiving funds from any international account, conversion charges may vary from bank to bank. That needs to be checked with the bank. (We’ll reach out to you if receive more updates on this).

  3. No, there are no limits on how much you can load onto your Niyo Global by SBM account.


  1. How does International deposits work?
  2. Can I deposit USD from a foreign bank to my account?
  3. What are the charges associated with it. Kindly explain with an example, if a $100 bill is transferred via swift code.
  4. What is your current cost per USD (consider current date)

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Hi Team,
Can i give Niyo Global account as a salary accouct for my client who will be paying me in USD?

Hey @Pradvith_Rai

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The platform is created with the sole intent for our users to have a one-stop solution. Just hunt your query here to find the answer. Hope the above post clarifies your query.

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