Prospective New user : International Student

I am travelling to Ireland in September as an International student and was looking for a zero forex card and came across Niyo Global cards.Had a couple of queries I thought the community could help me answer :

  1. I would prefer this answer from a long term overseas resident/student, Which in your opinion is a better option: Secured Credit Card with SBM Bank or Debit Card with DCB Bank?

  2. Anyone who has travelled/stay in Ireland, how is the success rate of payments done using Niyo cards there?

  3. The complimentary lounge access outside India is mentioned to be eligible on spends of over 50k/quarter outside India,but is it free for the first quarter irrespective of spends when the card is activated or is it only eligible for use after the 50k spend outside India?

  4. Is the Niyo global lounge pass useful in helping me access the Plaza Premium Lounge (International Departures, Terminal 3) at the Dubai International Airport

Answers to any or all of these questions can help me a lot.Thanks in advance!