Niyox for existing equitas bank customer

I have tried to open the niyox account but sometimes back I’ve opened a equitas bank account (mini kyc) forgot to complete the full kyc and the account has been closed now.
Now I’m unable to open a niyox account, please allow us to open account for existing equitas bank customer too.
And I think currently you’re only allowing new to bank customer only.
Please update this thread/create a new thered when you’ll come up for existing customers of bank too.

Hi Ashish,

As per the policy, if you hold any existing relationship with Equitas Small Finance Bank, we cannot extend a NiyoX Account to you.


Thank you for your response but the account was already closed and not active. So atleast now I can open a niyox account?

We regret to inform you that if you had any past relationship with Equitas Small Finance Bank we wont be able to onward you as of now :frowning: however we shall come up with an alternative soon.



Yes, please come up with any alternative for equitas existing customers too.
And please do update here on community/your twitter handle about the same.

Indeed @imashish


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