Niyo online services not working

Niyo service not working properly in the niyo app and in upi. Deposited amount are not reflected in the niyo app, internet banking services are also not working properly. Showing “pull down to refresh. We couldn’t fetch your balance” when trying to refresh account details. Money can be transferred into sbm account, but can’t be transferred from sbm account by using upi services

I also had the same problem. I guess its not the problem with the sender bank, as even though i got a confirmation message from niyo SBM’s side in the form of email(though lately) the amount wasn’t reflected for a few more hours.

Hey @Amal_Anto! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Inconvenience regretted! :bowing_man: Currently, we are facing while connecting the bank servers. due to which you are unable to view the updated balance Our team is working with the bank on a priority basis. Rest assured, you’ll be able to view the updated balance and can transfer the funds once the issue is fixed.