Niyo Global Meet-Up in Bangalore Office

Hello Niyozens! :star2:

Wishing you a sparkling Diwali and sending a huge THANK YOU for your incredible love and support! :pray::sparkles:

Guess what? Our 2nd Niyo Global Meet-Up in Bangalore was a blast, with over 50 of you defying traffic and festive vibes to join us! :tada:

Here’s a sneak peek:

🌐 Users at the Core:

Engaging sessions with our product team, capturing real-time insights from YOU!

πŸ‘₯ Leaders in Action:

Our Co-founder CEO and CTO personally interacting with users, tackling questions, and resolving issues on the spot!

🌍 Community Moments:

Users taking the stage, sharing travel tales, and creating a "Thank God for Niyo" vibe!

🌐 Global Support:

Niyo is now wherever your travels take you, with customer support available anytime you need it! 🌏🀝

🏑 Home in the Community:

You're not just a user; you're a vital part of our travel community. Together, we're bringing the world closer!

Thank you for making Niyo Global more than just a platformβ€”it’s a community where YOU belong. :earth_africa::blue_heart:

Stay tuned for more Niyo Global Meet-ups!

Niyo Global Team :rocket: