Niyo Global Community Meet-Up: Mumbai & Pune

Hello Niyozens,

We’re absolutely thrilled to give you a peek into all the exciting moments from last week’s Niyo Global Community Meet-Up in Pune and Mumbai! :flight_departure:

The dedicated Niyo Global team, representing Product, Design, Customer Support, and our vibrant Community, embarked on a journey to Pune on September 22nd and continued their adventure in Mumbai on the 23rd. Our mission? To connect with the incredible individuals who rely on the Niyo Global Card for their travels.

Now, let's dive into the highlights of our two-day, two-city user meet-up!

1. Building Connections with Fellow International Travelers:

Picture this - Niyo Global cardholders, each with their unique travel stories, came together to share their experiences, exchange travel tips, and create lasting memories. They all exchanged tips and tricks for saving more Time, Time and Effort for their upcoming trips.

2. Gaining Valuable Insights from Seasoned Travelers:

We had the privilege of having Navneeth and Shishira, two experienced globetrotters, join us virtually from Georgia. They regaled us with their best international travel tales and shared invaluable tips and tricks.

3. Looking at Niyo Global's Future with Our Design and Product Team:

Our super users were treated to an exclusive sneak peek into Niyo Global’s roadmap, courtesy of our brilliant Design and Product team.

4. Prioritizing Customer Solutions:

No meet-up would be complete without addressing our users’ card or transaction issues. That’s why our dedicated Niyo Customer Support team flew directly to Pune and Mumbai, not just to meet but also to assist our valued users.


5. Fostering a Sense of Community:

We witnessed the love for community-building as our users actively participated in Niyo Global Community activities. They shared their visions for the Niyo Global community, fostering an environment of camaraderie and support.

But wait, there’s more! To keep the momentum going, all meet-up participants are invited to join our exclusive Niyo Global Community WhatsApp group. It’s the perfect space to stay connected, swap travel stories, and continue the adventure together.


  • Stay tuned for exciting videos capturing the essence of the meet-up.

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Check out our event video here: