How to Check Niyo Global Card working or not?

Hey I just received my card. I just want to know that how can I check whether the card is working or not ? And how can I check that international transactions is also working ?? Please kindly help me.

Hey @Jay_Patel_5999! Welcome to Niyo Community!

To check whether your card is working or not, you may load some funds to it and use it for your PoS/Online/ATM transaction. Just like how you use a normal debit card. Please make sure that you’ve activated the modes (POS/Online/ATM) of transactions through the Niyo SBM app.

To do that, just log in to Niyo SBM app Go to Card Settings > Other Locks > Enable Channels and International Transactions. Once the modes are enabled, set the Card Limits under Card Settings and then try making a transaction.

For any further help, you may reach out to our live chat support through the app by navigating to Menu > Support > Live Chat.