Feature for keeping money for specific purpose

Hi Team,
I was wondering if there a facility within the NiyoX account wherein I can keep a money aside for specific purpose or goal . The use cases for this would be, If i want to accumulate the money for lets say trip , then I would putting the money in that bucket. I can put money whenever I have surplus and I can remove the part from that bucket in case of emergency requirements.

Currently In market there are products such fixed deposit and recurring deposits which can serve this purpose. But they do come with a limitation like adding a money at customers time interval and removing a part of that money for emergency purpose.
Another way to achieve this is by investing the money in mutual funds or creating separate bank account. Mutual funds redemption takes approx 2 days to get credited to the bank account and maintaining savings account is another bank is too much of a hassle.

This feature can be thought of like child savings account below Parent NIYOX savings account which can be created and closed based on customer discretion for achieving specific purpose. I hope this idea can serve as use case in the age digital banking approach :slight_smile:

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