Enhancement in payee list

Can we get an option to add nickname to the payee list.
Right now payee list is displayed based on Account holder name and if the same person has accounts in different banks, we are not able to distinguish and need to select payee one by one to find the exact account to send to.

Hi @vishnu_vijayan . Firstly, welcome to NiyoX community. Account holders with same name can be differentiated by looking at the bank logo. As far as nickname for payees, kindly wait, a Niyo representative will assist you further.


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Hey Vishnu - Valid Point. The addition of Nickname against Payee / Beneficiary Name would be made live in the next 3-4 weeks. Stay Tuned!


Hi @jainashrith
In the recent payee list in the savings tab, there is no logo but just the account holder names of the different accounts. So not able to distinguish.
Second, having a bank logo will also not work if the different accounts are from the same bank.

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@vishnu_vijayan . Actually the Payee’s bank account’s logo should be shown. It is working for me. And regarding your second point, I couldn’t agree more!

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