Debit card charges

Are there any charges for using the debit card? Is there any free debit card I can use? I was not informed during account creation, how can I change?

Hey @digantiitr, the Platinum Debit Card comes at an annual fees of ₹150 + GST. The current promotional offer is live till 30th June 2021, waives your 1st year’s annual fee. So the first year is free for you. Sorry, we do not have any free debit card.

Also, below are the charges you’ll incur:
ATM withdrawals at metro locations (other Bank ATMs): 3 FREE per month
ATM withdrawals at non-metro locations (other Bank ATMs): 5 FREE per month
Charges beyond free limits of ATM withdrawals: ₹20 + taxes per transaction
Cash withdrawal outside India: ₹110 + taxes from 1st International ATM transaction
Balance Enquiry outside India: ₹25 + taxes from 1st International balance enquiry

You can also go through the detailed SOC (Schedule Of Charges) in the app. Go to Menu> Support> My Account > Schedule of Charges.

So I don’t have to pay anything got the 1st year. On which date will my next charge be levied for the card? And is there any option to surrender the card, if I want to keep my account but not pay the fees for the card

As it is an annual fee, it will be charged in the same month next year, when the account was created. And we are sorry, we do not have the option to have you surrender the card and keep using the account. SR


We are coming up with a criteria shortly which would be simple and based on that your next years card fee would be waived. pls look out for that here :slight_smile:


HI. NiyoX Team, finally fitness my debit card . Loving it . The teal colour and all data on the back of the card is something very new and looks cool. Also have deposited 25000 in the account to be eligible for the offer . Looking forward for more savings in the near future so that I can start earning 7% :grinning:


Hey Praveen! We are thrilled to have you as a part of our Niyo family and really appreciate the time you took to write the review. We are delighted to know that you are enjoying the experience so far. Thank you so much for your kind words. LK

Any news on this or is still chargeable?

Hey Geetak! Welcome to the Niyo Community!
It will be free for the first year if you complete your Biometrics before 30th June. Post that there are annual charges of ₹150+GST. LK