Currency exchange not available for some country

I am studying in Kyrgyzstan . I have a account in Niyo Sbm but in currency converter option in application for Kyrgyzstani som is not available. Please update

Hey @Amir_Quraishi ! I’d like to inform you that KGS currency is present in Niyo Global by SBM. If you do face any other problems, feel free to reach out again.

I checked again and again about KGS but I can’t see in list . Please check it

Hey @Amir_Quraishi ! I can assure you that KGS currency is there in Niyo Global by SBM. You may use the Niyo Global VISA Signature ‘Tap & Pay’ Debit card in over 150+ countries.

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When can I get Niyo global sbm card ? I have a account . I opened saving account on 29 July 2021

I checked the niyo global sbm app… it’s still not showing the kgs currency…
And in which currency

we should withdraw money in kgs or usd in Kyrgyzstan …

Any updates? For Kyrgyzstan