Xtra Cashback on your Mutual Funds Investments just got bigger and better!

Hello everyone!

The Rewards program for your Investments on NiyoX has got bigger and better! Now in-addition to getting ₹100 on using your Niyo Equitas savings account for completing your first Mutual Fund investment on NiyoX; you can also get cashback of ₹100 on importing your existing investments on NiyoX. Sharing below the details on how to make most of the same.

How to get ₹100 on first mutual fund investment on NiyoX:

  1. This cashback is applicable only on using your Niyo Equitas Saving account for completing payment for your investment. Any payments done using any other bank a/c will not be eligible for cashback.
  2. Complete your first mutual fund investment on NiyoX. You can choose to invest either using SIP or Lumpsum as per your investment mode preference.
  3. No minimum investment amount. You can choose to invest any amount that best suits your investment plan.
  4. Ensure that payment for 1st SIP or Lumpsum investment is successfully completed during the campaign duration of 1st June 2021 - 15th June 2021. You will not be eligible for cashback in case you set up the SIP but do not pay for the first SIP during the campaign period.

Pro Tip - As soon as you register for your SIP, use ‘Pay for SIP now’ option to avoid missing out on ₹100 cashback

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How to get ₹100 on importing your external Mutual Fund Investments on NiyoX

  1. Import your existing mutual fund investments done outside of NiyoX and track them all on NiyoX. You can refer to a complete guide on how to import your Mutual funds investments on NiyoX here.
  2. Applicable on all mutual fund investments done outside of NiyoX. Whether you have bought your mutual funds offline from the AMC branch, bank branch, financial agent/advisors or from online stock brokers, portals, or even directly from the AMC; you can import them all on NiyoX to qualify for this reward.
  3. The imported investments should have current value greater than 0 in order to qualify for the reward.
  4. Users qualify for the reward only once the external investments are successfully imported and are visible on NiyoX platform. In case, all your existing investments are such that they cannot be tracked on NiyoX (e.g closed ended funds, AMCs not listed on NiyoX etc.) then the reward is not applicable.
  5. Users who initiate the import portfolio process but do not complete it will not qualify for the reward.

Tip: To ensure that you don’t miss out on getting ₹100 cashback, please refer to the detailed guide on how to import your external transactions on NiyoX.

Important T&Cs

  1. Reward on using Niyo Equitas savings account for first Mutual Fund investment is applicable from 1st June 2021 - 15th June 2021. Cashback for same will be credited by 22nd June 2021.
  2. Reward for importing your external Mutual Fund Investments on NiyoX is applicable from 9th June 2021 - 15th June 2021. Cashback for the same will be credited by 22nd June 2021.
  3. Applicable only on using Niyo Equitas saving account for the first mutual fund investment on NiyoX or the first time import of external investments on NiyoX. Respective reward is not applicable for users with existing investments or who have imported their external transactions already on Niyo Money, Niyo IDFC or NiyoX
  4. Niyo reserves the right to change/modify the offer at any point of time without any prior notice.
  5. All cashbacks will be deposited in Niyo Equitas Savings account.
  6. Cashbacks are only applicable for the first time a customer qualifies the criteria.
  7. Disclaimer: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns.

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I have one doubt…if the investment is not updated on dashboard of external app, can I import it to NiyoX?
And is there any condition to invest in external app mutual fund using NiyoX account or it will be valid if I used another account for investment and imported to NiyoX?

Hi @Ajazmohd,
You should import the investments to NiyoX, only when your investment has been processed by the AMC, i.e. units have been allotted against your investments.

To qualify for the cashback, it is not mandatory to invest in externally imported mutual funds on NiyoX. However, it is recommended to invest in the same using NiyoX to be able to track all your investments at a single place.

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Successfully me and my friend @6301326767 imported an external mutual fund to NiyoX today!


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For June campaign cashback will be credited by June 22 nd

Where can I get my referral link??

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You will find it below ‘suggested actions’ section.
Or from Menu, below ‘support’ option.

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I have invested in mutual fund on 14 june but the slot is not booked yet so i just want to know that i will get my cashback or not.

Yeah you will get. They will consider investment date.

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@Vive_k Can you please elaborate on what you meant by slot is not booked, is it related to scheduling the biometric. If yes, then biometric not scheduled will not impact your reward for investing in Mutual fund.

If you payment was successfully completed on or before 15th June, you will qualify for the reward

@Pranav_Sehgal Me and my friend @6301326767 imported external mutual fund to NiyoX on 15th June.
Today is 22nd June but we didn’t get the promised cashback of Rs. 100.

Hoping to get by EOD.

Hi @Ajazmohd, Thanks for reaching out.

Cashback of ₹100 for importing external funds on NiyoX will be credited for all the qualified users before EOD today.

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@Shaikh Please DM me your registered email id, will get this checked.

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