Sbm account frozen

My SBM account is frozen from last four days without any reason… I have been contacting Niyo global and SBM but no resolution…

Could not understand such behaviour from these banks who offer international services


We request you try transacting to a different beneficiary or an alternate account and confirm with us if you’re still facing the issue. As per our review, you should be able to transact with out any hassle.

Ranjith M

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Please dont give these rookie solution

I am not able to use Atm use qr code

My account is frozen from last 4 days with more than 1 lakh in it… How to get it unfrozen. Been contacting Niyo, sbm global from last 4 day…

No resolution

Were you able to get your account unfreezed?

Hi Huzefa,

Kindly write an email to