Fligh for Uzbekistan

What is the cheapest flight from India to Uzbekistan?

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A few options on how to fly from India to Uzbekistan for the cheapest fares:

  • Delhi to Tashkent on Indigo (shortest fly time and the cheapest) or Uzbekistan Airways (same time, but full-service carrier, so expensive)
  • Delhi to Shymkent (one hour from Tashkent) on FlyArystan (also a low cost carrier but has only 5kg baggage allowance for free). Somedays the tickets are as cheap as USD 50 one-way! But baggage costs add-up - keep that in mind!
  • From other cities, it might be cheaper to fly to Abu Dhabi, UAE on any Indian airline and then fly WizzAir from Abu Dhabi to Samarkand/Tashkent. Will be about the same price as flying Indigo, but you have to look for the best connecting flights and apply for visas for UAE since you’ll pass through Immigration. But you get an opportunity to experience a new country too!

Personally, we feel Indigo makes things easiest and cost-effective.