Feedback on current Notification system


I have been using the NiyoX for the last 2 weeks now. I wanted to share my experiences with the current notification system at NiyoX. It needs some relook and minor improvements which I believe will help the product stand out.

  1. For every transaction being done on the NiyoX app, I receive 3 SMS (2 from Equitas Bank and 1 from Niyo) and 1 email. 3 SMS for same information becomes irritating after a while. This should be streamlined to generate only 1 SMS and 1 email per transaction.

  2. Continuing to point 1, I would really like a feature where the NiyoX app gives push notifications for the transactions on my account rather than sending text messages to my phone.

  3. Equitas bank sends account balance SMS and email every morning. I would rather prefer to have this sent every week rather than every morning.

On this note, a feature in the app which helps us customize our own notifications between different categories and modes (SMS, Email and Push Notifications) would do wonders.

  1. NiyoX sends me promotional emails with the advertisement to open a NiyoX account. This really needs to stop. I am already a customer, how many times should I open an account.

  2. Repeating the same thing in point 3, I just receive promotional push notifications from the app. In addition or instead, I expect to get push notifications on the activities happening on my account.

Hope this feedback help make improvements to the product. Wish you the very best.


Yep. This has happened with me also. This really needs to be fixed.

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Hi Rohit,

Thanks for choosing NiyoX and even bigger thanks for providing your valuable feedback. We will look into this and try to improve at the earliest.