Email ID Change/ Update Option Need on Niyo Global . Kindly Add the Most Important things For Any Banking Ecosystem of Email ID Change or Update Option

Kindly Add the Email ID Change Option. This is the Most Important things for Any Banking Ecosystem

Hi @DoctorAMITMONDAL, We have shared your feedback with our product team, and we definitely working on how better we can improve our product to meet our customer’s requirements. It’s our constant endeavor to provide a seamless customer experience to all our users. Thank you!

Any update for Email ID Change option which is most essential features for any banking ecosystem

Hey @DoctorAMITMONDAL, we are figuring out how to make our product even better so that it will satisfy the needs of our customers. Our ongoing goal is to give all of our users a smooth user experience. Your comments have been forwarded to our product team.