Clarification on Lounge access


I received an email regarding Complimentary airport lounge access stating that:

“You can now claim 1 free Lounge Pass per quarter per Niyo Global user (not per card) right within the app. Now get access at select international terminals in India for free with the Lounge Pass.”

What does it mean?
I have two Niyo global cards (1 debit card & 1 credit card). So instead of 2 lounge access, will I get only 1?

Hi @manish7273 ,

Appreciate your inquiry!

Starting November 30, 2023, the complimentary airport lounge access on your Niyo Global cards will be replaced with the convenient Lounge Pass feature integrated into your Niyo Global app!

Given the recent change where the bank no longer provides lounge access, Niyo has stepped in to ensure you still have access to lounges. It’s worth noting that you’ll receive 1 pass per quarter, regardless of the number of cards you hold.

We appreciate your understanding in this regard.


I was in Delhi airport and want to access to lounge but they asking call bank and ask them to send a QR code then you will able to enter otherwise with card not possible so can you tell what will do ?

Is any changes to access lounge with Niyo Debit card???

Hi @Sahil_Chistie, apologies for the inconvenience caused!

There have been updates to Niyo’s lounge access system. Now, to get the lounge pass/access, you need to spend 50,000 INR outside India in a calendar quarter (applicable only to Ecom and POS transactions). Once you meet this criteria, you can unlock and access over 1300+ lounges worldwide (1 per quarter).

Just so you know, the previous complimentary Lounge Pass offer for Niyo users ended on March 31st, 2024. This means that access to lounges within India, including domestic and international terminal lounges, is no longer available.

Hope this clarifies! :raised_hands:t2: