ATM withdrawal in USA

Is there any ATM in the USA where I can withdraw more than $1000 at a time in single transaction?

Kindly guide

Hey Raj! Welcome to the Niyo Community. The per transaction international ATM withdrawal limit is Rs.1,00,000. So you can certainly withdraw $1000 in single transaction from any ATM in the USA. SR

My question is different here. Per ATM withdrawal, I have to pay about $5 ATM withdrawal fee to the ATM service provider per withdrawal. so more money I can withdraw in one transaction the better. So, assuming with 1lac limit, I should be able to withdraw 1300 (assume). I would like to know which bank ATM allows to withdraw $1300 in one transaction?

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Hey Raj, there should not be any limitations from ATM machines for withdrawals. You should be able to withdraw $1300 from any ATM machine in one transaction. SR

There are ATM limits… have you withdrawn more than 1000 anywhere?

Hey Raj! Our sincere apologies but we won’t be able to tell you about the limit of any particular ATM, nor check if there is a limit at all. We request you to check with the transacting ATM bank for such info. LK