Zero Balance Maintain Policy With Niyo IDFC First Account

Can I Open Zero Balance Niyo IDFC First Account Now ?

Hey Dav! You will still need the initial deposit of 10k to create your account, however, as we have removed the charges for non-maintenance of MAB, you don’t necessarily have to keep or maintain any balance in the account. LK

I Have Create My Account In Niyo App (In September 20) And Compete 2 Step. (Verify Your Identify And PAN Card ). After I Didn’t Deposit Intital Amount. Because That Time Niyo IDFC Imposed 10k Balance Maintain Policy.

My Question - So Can I Go With Same Account Or Do I Need New Account ?
So I Get Niyo IDFC First Account With Zero Balance Maintain Policy.

You can proceed with the same one as the new policy is applicable to all the users. LK

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