Zero Annual Maintenance Charge + Zero Forex Charge = BIG SAVINGS!

Hii Everyone

You asked and we made it happen for you! ‘Travel Freely’ got a whole new meaning with the Annual Maintenance Charge of INR 499 is waived off on your Niyo Global VISA Signature card.

As you gear up for blue skies ahead for travel, we gear up to better your travel experience each step of the way.

Whether it’s leisure or revenge travel, you can now travel freely and enjoy the benefits of ZERO forex markup and upto 5% interest on your Niyo Global card at ZERO maintenance charge.

So, does this mean that the card is LTF?

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Waived off for lifetime? It would be great if the announcement was intact and gives no room for any confusion.

Awaiting for a clarification. Thanks.

It has indeed been waived off. See the revised SoC.

@goneo Thanks for the share.

Though it’s clearly mentioned in footnotes that, it can be changed any time WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE :grin:

Ofcourse. But for now I am bit relieved as 590/- was on a bit steeper side. Had almost decided to get the card blocked after the first year as I already have Niyo DCB and Fi and Niyo IDFC cards.

I had a chat with Niyo Global support team and they are saying that the fees is waived off for second year only. They don’t have any details regarding AMC for third year.

I request someone from Niyo to answer our queries.

Even I had a chat with customer care and they have no idea about whether it’s a LTF or till when it’s free.

Also it’s already 1st year free, so till when it’s first year? I took it in Aug 2021, so untill 2022 Aug it’s comes under 1st year?

And then again 2nd year fee waived off, so till Aug 2023 it’s free?

There is no proper communication. These kind of Announcements only makes confusion.

Hey @abyjosephbiju @neotracker! Sorry for the confusion. :pensive: Acknowledged your feedback. Rest assured, we are set to deliver better communication in the future. To keep you informed, the annual charges for Niyo Global by SBM debit card are waived off for a lifetime.




Thanks for the clarification.

@Deepak sir that means it’s totally free for lifetime ?

Hey @Amitkar! The annual charges are now completely waived off.

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What about the charges of Visa platinum debit card issued by NiyoX(Equitas)?

Hey @Ajazmohd! As communicated earlier in your previous post, we’ll update more about it by end of this quarter. Your patience is much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

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For a International POS Transaction, it says VISA Fx Rates Applicable, what does that mean, and how to calculate it.

Hey @nikhil_Me! Welcome to Niyo Community!

All the international transactions will be based on a live Visa exchange rate. You should be able to view the exchange rate in your Niyo SBM app under Currency Converter.

For international PoS transactions, there’ll be Fx adjustments. Let me try to help you in detail.

When you do an international PoS transaction, the merchant settles the transaction within 2-5 days. In the meanwhile, if there is a difference in foreign currencies on different dates (transaction date and transaction settlement date), the difference amount will be debited/credited to the customer account.

Regarding Fx Adjustment will give you an explanation of how it works:

a. T0 - The day at which you make a transaction, we debit your account by prevalent Fx rate for the day (T0 day)

b. T2 - Typically, the merchant sends settlement after 2 days at the prevalent Fx rate for that day (T2 day)

c. If there is any difference between T0 and T2 Fx rates the same is debited (if T2 rates are more) or credited (if T2 rates are less) to you.

Hope this helps you to understand better. For any further help, reach out to us and we are happy to help you.


Thanks Deepak for the detailed reply, i’ve understood that.
leaving fx rate, i wont be charged any Cross Currency Markup Fee right?

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@nikhil_Me there are no markup charges for your international transactions.


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