Your servers are always down!

Hello there, recently i forgot to take my wallet and i thought to myself that i will pay for the fuel using my phone. Then i filled up fuel and when i tried to pay them your servers were down… similar incidents have happened to me a lot and that’s when i understood you people aren’t reliable. I mean one can use NiyoX account for casual use but if you seriously trust this bank you’re gonna regret it…UPI frequently shows errors whether you’re sending money to someone or you’re receiving money from someone… IMPS also don’t work as i have tried that alternatively… Even basic features like fetching account balance will fail on you… You were very reliable and prompt when you started this venture now you’re like every other banks treating customers like s**t…
i will soon be moving to another platform.

NOTE:: my wife started a bank account with you like 8 or 10 months ago and someone video called and verified every documents but her account is still not verified and when i ask about it you want her to verify again through video call.

I think you only listen to the international travelers and big spenders…

Hey @sajanzerif! This is not the experience we wanted our users to have with us. We understand how much it pains you when you are stuck while doing a transaction. To avoid this hassle, we are working closely with the bank to improve the experience of the transactions, and to deliver reliable service.

Regarding the video KYC of your wife’s account, we kindly request you to connect with our live chat support or write to us at and we’ll try to help you with it.


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