You'll be spoilt for choice with NiyoX! How?

We love spoiling our customers with choice - and that’s exactly why we’re giving you two debit card options to choose from when you create your NiyoX account. :credit_card: :credit_card:

Firstly, introducing the all-black, sleek and sexy morse-code edition of your Visa Platinum Debit Card

Then, there’s the funky and cool caricature edition too!

Which one do you like more?

  • Black Morsecode
  • Teal Caricature

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Question, though: is this all-black Morse Code debit card going to be actually numberless? Because honestly that would be very cool to have.

Hey @Aaron_Kharbanda!

Firstly, welcome to the Niyo Community. :slight_smile:
The card number is subtly mentioned on the other side of the card, you should definitely create a NiyoX account and grab your free VISA Platinum debit card before June 30th 2021.

Hello @Aswathy_Nambiar, I just signed up and completed the KYC verification. Is the Visa Platinum Card from Equitas Bank? Are there any annual charges for opting to this Visa Platinum Card?

Hi Alfred,

Welcome to the Niyo Community! The Visa Platinum Debit Card is offered by Niyo in partnership with Equitas Small Finance Bank. Currently, as a promotional offer, the card is free for all those who create accounts before June 30th 2021.

@Aswathy_Nambiar can I change the card I chose .I created my account today and selected the caricature version but now after looking at morse code version I like it more .please let me change .

Hey Atul! Of course, you can! As long as you have not completed the Biometric verification of your account, you can change the design as many times as you need to. LK

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@Lucky can you please guide how can I do that

I’d be happy to. :slightly_smiling_face: This can be done right through the app itself. Just go back to “pending actions” and you should be able to select another design without any hassle. LK

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