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But my cashback not credited

Please dm me your customer id

I’d like to kindly bring to your attention that despite numerous mails, which I’ve not received cashback or clarification for the May-end offer, which was supposed to have been credited by June 7.
This is the offer page: #WantMore with NiyoX? Transact and earn Cashback! 🤑, the rule 1 of which states The user qualified for a particular type of campaign held earlier wouldn’t be eligible for the same type of campaign again

Image 1

As seen in the image from a NiyoX Email screengrab and the offers too, there are 3 types of campaigns:

  1. Upload Offer
  2. POS/Ecom/UPI offer (specifically for commercial transactions, it seems)
  3. UPI offer (person to person it seems)

At the bottom the highlighted text is just incorrect, as the rule in the offer specified same type of campaign.

I’ve only once ever made a Ecommerce transaction with my NiyoX card on Swiggy on May 22, as shown in the image below with ALL my debits. As you can see it’s the first txn is the only txn starting with purchase (ecom), which I did with my black debit card, proving I didn’t make any other purchase prior, thus not qualified for that campaign prior. This qualifies me for offer 2 (POS/Ecom/UPI) according to the TnC.

Image 2

After a very long thread with Cutomer Care Executives from Niyo, where I was trying to point this out; I was repeatedly told, that since I’ve qualified for cashback before according to rule 1, I’m no longer eligible, this is straight out a misreprensentaion of the TnC rule 1, which clearly mentions only same type of campaign as a ground for disqualification, which has not occurred.

I wanted to understand WHICH cashback (txn id and date) was disqualifying me from this cashback as I had never made a transaction in that category before, but I was NOT provided any helpful or contructive support, but just robotically referred to rule 1, which is utterly meaningless.

Complete mail conversation for you swift perusal:
Email Record.pdf (1.0 MB)

I’m extremely frustrated by this experience, this could easily have been avoided if the user was shown in app, when they qualify for a transaction, and in which campaign category, so that we weren’t left at the mercy of Customer Care, who didn’t even try to understand the problem or my request.

I apologize for the very long message. Reaching out to you is my last attempt for redressal of this issue, either through getting the cashback or understanding why I’m being disqualified, despite not participating in Campaign 2 before.

Thanks in advance,

Hey Aditya,

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. I’m getting this checked and will help you out.

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Can you share your customer ID @phreakyphoenix

Sure it’s 8824055 @NoWayOj.

I got only 350/450 cashback for the May Month campaign.
I mentioned other moderators too.
One of your moderators Kshitivyas asked my customer ID and there was no response.
After that I posted in this community stating that there is no response from your end and poor service which is TRUE.
She simply thrown another msg that I already got the cashback which I was qualified for.
Yeah…I can also read…I too know the terms.
I was qualified for 450 cashback.
So I sent several mails to Niyo escalations(bcz of your service single query turns into numerous queries) I got more 25 Rs Cashback. This contradicts the statement of Kshitivyas that I already received cashback.
This clearly shows how the moderators handling customer queries…

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It’s pretty much robotic, whenever someone has a cashback related issue, first ask for the customer id, then tell them they already got cashback and keep repeating that till the customer just gives up :sweat_smile:

@NoWayOj I’m not sure whose fault it is, maybe the data is not visible to the employees, I’m not sure who has what rights, but the cashback system undoubtedly is a massive failure. Why don’t you just instantly update the customer when someone qualifies for a cashback like ALL other cashback offers in paytm, gpay, amazon etc is beyond me.

@KshitiVyas I had DMed you too with my customer id 10 days back and then been told the same thing, since I got cashback before I’m no longer qualified which is NOT what the TnCs state.

Hi, it is mentioned in terms and conditions

Hi @phreakyphoenix
Please check

Hi @phreakyphoenix

Please check. It is mentioned in termsa nd conditions

You had received a cashback for UPI spend, thus you are not eligible for the spend rewards.

No cashback for multiple offers for June. Kindly share your RCA.

Hey, we’re really sorry for the inconvienience! Could you share what exact offers you haven’t received cashback for, and your customer ID?

Customer ID is 8667650

Attaching screenshot of the offers. I completed first 4 offers.

Same here, already raised the issues and provided details as required. But no response, every time there is new one and asking for something…No solution at all…This is all irritating .

Hi @rasnitb
You already received rewards in previous campaign on May 11. Thus you are not eligible for this reward

I haven’t received cashback the last two times there was an offer. I got first time when there were 10k customers. But not after that and I made many deposits. Why’s that?

ECOM TRANSACTION done but 50 cashback not received till now 24 th june, however it was my first ecom transaction

Hi @Sandi ,

Welcome to Niyo community. Kindly dm me your customer id